Judges 17-18 B

These chapters are a hot mess. Micah is such a big loser, stealing from his mom and making his own personal shrine. And what’s with his mom? “Let the Lord bless you for admitting it”, she says, and away they go to make an idol out of the money.

There’s something other-worldly about the way I love my son. Sometimes it’s hard for me to do what’s best of him because my unconditional love and desire for him to avoid all hardship entwine and create enabling behavior.

He’s five by the way, so we’re talking about, like, giving in to one more popsicle or watching one more movie, or getting away with not sharing a toy he loves. But I have to say, I can relate to the concept. Our friend is personally funding her son’s drug addiction, because she doesn’t want to lose him or watch him go through withdrawals. So he lives in her upstairs bedroom and sticks his hand out whenever he needs more cash to pass off to his dealer. She knows she’s enabling him, but would rather feel like she has control over the situation than to hand him over to himself. “At least I know where he is and what he’s doing”, she says. I can’t pass judgement on this, I can only cling to what I know to be true:

Really bad things happen when we do what is right in our own eyes. 

God has our best interest in mind, he loves us a lot and he knows what’s best for us. He doesn’t flex his power because he can. It’s rooted in love. When I feel overwhelmed in moments of parenting, I remind myself that God loves my kids more than I do; he loves them perfectly. 

The expectations and commands God gives us don’t conflict with his love for us, they flow out of it. 

What are some ways you’re doing what is right in your own eyes instead of what is right in God’s eyes? Maybe you’re not like Micah, taking what you want when you want it. Maybe you’re like his mother, shying away from what’s noble and true so you don’t condemn a person you love even when they’re wrong.



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