Exodus 37-38 B

It’s easy to get lost in the details and specifications; they don’t seem very important to me now. But today I noticed how God provided all the materials, influenced particular people and gifted them with skills.

What does God have you building right now?

Right now, my husband and I are building a family. Day in and day out, we’re establishing routine, rules and purpose. It’s exhausting to be intentional with them over everything. little. thing. But I don’t want to just manage children, I want to raise godly adults. It feels like a huge project to take on, and sometimes I don’t think I have what I need.

But, of course, I do. God is generous to influence me with the talent it requires. And when I fall short, he provides people to come alongside me and step in.

Take a minute and reflect on what you’re building. Do you have what you need? If not, who does?

Revisit Bethany’s reminder not to lose track of the project at hand.


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