Exodus 27-28 B

“You shall make for them linen breeches to cover their bare flesh; they shall reach from the loins even to the thighs.” (28:42‬)

Let’s here it for the LORD and His details. He’s properly outfitting Aaron and his sons down to their undies. Everything is on purpose, everything has a reason. (Does anyone know if this is where the Mormons got their underwear ideas?)

I decided to plunge in to a study on the ephod stones (maybe the infinity stones are on my mind?), but I’d didn’t let myself get too far. It’s confusing and I don’t want to report half baked research, but I invite you to check it out too. Like this one about some archeologists believing they may have found one?

“You shall put in the breastpiece of judgment the Urim and the Thummim, and they shall be over Aaron’s heart when he goes in before the LORD; and Aaron shall carry the judgment of the sons of Israel over his heart before the LORD continually.” (28:30‬)

Whatever these stones were, they became a way for the LORD to communicate with the priests (1 Samuel 28:6).

The goal has always been communication. Although some of this sounds a little bonkers for my Baptist self, it doesn’t make it any less true. It’s how the LORD chose to communicate for a time. He uses a lot of ways to communicate throughout Scripture. More lot casting than we like to admit.

How does He communicate with you? I think it’s safe to assume He wants to. Have you ever prayed for an answer and flipped a coin? (For better or worse I have, both times turned out favorably, for the record). Share a story of a way the LORD has clearly communicated something with you.


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