Exodus 25-26 B

Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand why God asked Israel to create the Ark. Why would he want to be contained in a tent that will be lugged around and jostled through the wilderness? What’s wrong with the cloud pillar they had been following?

(I know I frequently link you back to Beth’s posts from last time around, but I love the chart she included. It shows correlations between the Ark and Jesus that are so intricate and amazing!)

As we keep mentioning, the story of Exodus is God introducing him to his people. He wants to be set apart from the Greek gods, who dwell in the heavens, never to be seen by humans. As he tells Moses, he wants to live among us (25:8).

I’m finding it harder and harder to live among God’s people and love them. Isn’t that what we’re called to do? Get our hands messy? Set our comforts aside? Think about others more than ourselves? I’m reverting. Maybe it has something to do with having young kids. I’m constantly sharing my time, space and energy with them (and smoothies! LET MOMMA HAVE HER BREAKFAST OR ELSE), and have found myself more protective over my own comforts.

But then I read that God is joining the Israelites in their never-ending camping trip to the Promised Land. It’s a beautiful foreshadow of the way God comes down in the flesh to be with his people, washing their feet and breaking bread with them. He goes through puberty. He gets a job. He experiences sun burns and sleeplessness. He grieves, loses friends, goes fishing. He struggles to fit in, struggles to find true friendship. He lives among us, relates to us and sacrifices everything for us. It spurs me on to dig deep and set myself a side a little bit more for the sake of this story.

What part of the description of the Ark grabbed your attention?




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