Exodus 7-8 B

Anybody else ready to watch the Prince of Egypt right about now? I love the Steve Martin and Martin Short classic pairing for the roles of Pharaoh’s sorcerers.

I always wondered how those guys were able to mimic some of the LORD’s miracles. Turing a staff into a snake, is something we’d all pay real David Blaine money to see. Turning water to blood is also no small feat. I think I assumed it must have been an illusion before, but now, considering that perhaps the earth was filled with lessor gods, sorcerers had real power–as I’ve come to realize as an adult, they still do–but it’s much less power than the LORD’s (7:12).

They somehow go on to create frogs (8:7), but are finally stumped by the gnats (8:18). I’m sure this being their stopping point is significant, but I don’t know why that is. Please share if you have an idea. At this point, the magicians announce, “This is the finger of God.” (8:19), but Pharaoh wasn’t ready to make such a declaration.

Consider these ideas as you read:

  • The Exodus is Israel’s first introduction to the LORD. They wont get the book of Genesis until later.
  • The LORD had allowed lessor spiritual beings to exercise power on the earth, but now He is revealing His Supremacy over them.
  • The plagues targeted Egyptian gods (I talked a little about this when I covered 9-10 last time).

Another quick thought I had while rereading this time: Jesus is very explicitly depicted as the promised Second Moses (if you have no idea where I’m getting this, let me know and I will direct you to some further reading). What I observed this time around, is how Moses and Aaron turn water to blood. The life-source of Egypt becomes a source of death. The difference between Egypt and Canaan is that Egypt was entirely irrigated from the Nile and Canaan relied on rain. Therefore, the Nile was a god in Egypt and Ba’al (a god who supposedly controlled the rain) ruled Canaan. In any case, this is something Moses did very early on in his “career”. In a perhaps paralleled observation, Jesus’ first recorded miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding. In one story: the life source was found to be death. In the next: the life source became an abundant life source. Yeah? Thoughts?

What did you notice today?


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