Exodus 5-6 B

Put yourself in the Israelites shoes for a minute. They are getting worked harder and whipped more; punished for something Moses has done! And remember, the last time he was around, he was burying someone he murdered in the sand and then made a run for it. He returns from hiding away and does nothing but stir up more trouble.

We, as readers, know what’s going on behind the curtain. God is orchestrating a massive rescue plan to free them. They’ll never be forced to slap bricks together again! This story will go down in history, their leader will foreshadow the Messiah and give a glimpse of mankind’s future.

But they can’t see the big picture, the mural. They are just a few feet in front of the wall, looking at a mess of paint. Showing up to work and getting whipped harder every day.

Is that you?

Are hardships and burdens piling up on you? You want to trust God, but it’s hard to gain perspective?

Have faith. Even when it feels like there’s no solution within reach and no way out, trust that God is working behind the curtain to bring you relief.

Even if the workload is piling up, or it feels like someone is raining blows down on you harder and harder every day.

We are lucky to have access to read the ending of God’s rescue story. Page after page of Scripture is drenched in evidence that he shows up, he provides and he loves us. But even so, it can be hard when you can’t see the big picture.

Take a deep breath and lean into him.


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