Exodus 1-2 B

I’m so thankful for the inclusion of the women’s stories in today’s chapters.

The midwives. They are brave and saving lives! What a reminder to obey God’s authority over anyone else we find ourselves under. I’ve always found their actions a great example of how godly obedience isn’t always black and white. Are we suppose to lie and sneak around behind authorities? No. But they make a judgment call and are greatly rewarded by the Lord because of their wisdom and reverence. Staying in rhythm with God’s heart will make choices like that one a no-brainer.

Moses’ mom. SLOW. CLAP. I can’t even fathom sending a newborn baby down the river, because that was my best option to preserve his life. Sometimes we have to let someone go to save them. Motherhood is intense and a constant lesson of trusting God while we take care of the lives he’s entrusted us with.

Miriam. I imagine her young here, following the floating basket down the river until it’s pulled from the water. But her quick response that lands Moses’ back home for a few years seems so wise and mature! She is so brave; approaching Pharaoh’s daughter and making bold suggestions. Godliness is sticking your neck out for the vulnerable.

The rest of Exodus is patriarchal and will focus a lot on great, godly men. But for now, on the eve of Mother’s Day, reflect on the godly women in your life and pray over them.


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