Proverbs 15-16 B

It feels good to be known. When someone remembers your favorite restaurant or has figured out your tendencies and can anticipate them. We all desire it, and we are all intimately known by our Creator.

“Even Death and Destruction hold no secrets from the Lord. How much more does he know the human heart!” 15:11

God deeply knows us; he designed us! He knows our capabilities and our limits. Bethany and I have always shared an admiration for Psalm 103:14:

”For he knows our frame; he is mindful that we are dust.” 

He is so gracious with us, remembering that we are fragile humans. He shows up, provides our needs and pours his endless strength into our emptying cups.

Is there something in your life you feel like God has forgotten about? An unmet desire or a nagging trouble?

Bring it to him, express your heart and wait for him to respond. You are known and loved by him. Don’t stew in silence, growing in resentment. Talk to him about it!



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