Mark 11-12 B

Deep theology aside, Jesus cursing the fig tree cracks me up. I love it’s placement in Mark, added into the narrative like a sticky note placed at the last minute. Right in-between stories of everyone challenging Jesus’ intentions and power, we see him (finally) losing it a little. On a tree.

It’s wonderfully human of him, really. Hungry, he looks up into the branches of the tree and can’t find any fruit, so with one word, he zaps it and the next day it’s lifeless. Mark notes that in this tree’s defense, figs are not in season quite yet.

This brief commentary I found from the Gospel Coalition gave me a lot to think about; give it a quick read.

Jesus knows what to expect from me. He knows what resources I’ve been given, what season of life I’m in and whether or not I’m capable of bearing fruit.

Notice the season you’re in. We aren’t expected to pump out ‘fruit’ in our lives constantly. Hard seasons come and go; sometimes it’s winter. But if we’re healthy and investing in the Lord, the fruit should naturally bloom.

Don’t miss the context Bethany gave us on the significance of Jesus riding in to Jerusalem early on in these chapters.



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