Mark 7-8 B

I’ve always laughed at the verse where Jesus sighs heavily and makes a snide remark. “What’s with this people?”

Sometimes I’m like the Pharisees in this verse, and I need a flashy reminder that Jesus is God, All-powerful and Mighty. I want him to do something big and tangible, and I want him to do it right now.

But reading these chapters, I notice Jesus’ very being is miraculous. He’s on these people’s level. He notices when they’re hungry and thinks it’s important to provide a meal.

I like that Mark shares the story of the Gentile woman. Jesus’ words sting when I read them, calling this frantic mother who’s advocating for her child a dog. Over the years, I’ve heard sermons that try to smooth this over. But the analogy Jesus makes really pinpoints the social standings of Gentile women; they were like dogs sniffing around under a table, hoping for a scrap from the rest of society. He calls this out. Like, “according to everyone’s social standings, you don’t deserve me.” And then speaks with her (a cultural no-no) and sends her back to her perfectly healthy child that he’s healed.

The Jesus we find here is compassionate, attainable, sensitive and practical. He wants big things for his people, like a massive change in perception, healing from their illnesses, rescue from spiritual troubles and he wants to send them home with full bellies.

What’s your version of Jesus? Do you ask him for a big, flashy sign to prove himself as God? Do you teach for him, even when society says you don’t deserve him?

Notice your tendencies towards him today.


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