Mark 3-4 B

Reread Beth’s post from a couple years ago on these chapters. She touches on so many things I love about these chapters.

Like how obedience to God allows you to become part of Jesus’ family. I’m still learning what it looks like to experience the freedom that comes with submitting your life to God. What feels like giving up all the good stuff at first, is really surrendering the keys to your own prison.

There were toxic people I had to eliminate when I really turned my life over to God. Friends I loved, but were tethering me to a life I needed to step out of. It was a sacrifice, and it was hard. But what I stepped in to? A family full of God’s people. Acquaintances who quickly became kin.

Jesus isn’t just casually motioning to a room of people and claiming “nah, THESE guys are my family!” because he didn’t get along with his mom. His words in 3:33 are an invitation to join imperfect people who are taking steps to obey God and follow his will.

If following God has you stepping away from people in your life, step towards his church. There is deep relationship available for you! It’s not perfect. It’s not without pain or sin. But is any family?

I was born into a loving, tight-knit family and am incredibly thankful for this gift that keeps on giving (seriously, watching my parents be grandparents to my children is just the best).

But the family I’ve gained in Christ is a rich, immeasurable gift that continuously sanctifies me. A life in Christ is a full one, friends.


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