Zechariah 7-8 B

Shout out to 7:9, yet another passage where the LORD lays out how much He prefers love and care for neighbor over religious rituals. When we get carried away with the letter of the law, we can miss the heart of the law, and the message of Zechariah is to tell the people to rebuilt from the heart.

The LORD’s glorious hope and vision of the future Jerusalem is a place where people can grow old and kids can play in the streets (8:4-5). This is a common descriptor of a lovely safe, place to live; somewhere nurturing for the most vulnerable in society. This is a marker of the LORD’s glorious presence among His people.

The other hope, is that Israel will truly be representatives of the LORD to the nations one day, so much so that, “men from all the nations will grasp the garment of a Jew, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.'” (8:23)

Throughout the New Testament, we become familiar with the concept of the New temple being the Body of Christ. As His people, we are to be baseline marked by this vision of what Jerusalem/the temple/the dwelling place of the LORD is purposed to look like.

How can we commit ourselves to being places of truth and safety for others? Physically, spiritually, emotionally speaking, are people safe to grow in our homes? Are children safe to play?

We’re living in a weird time of instagram influencers (my spell check doesn’t even recognize those words yet), who exist because people are looking to others to discover the secrets of happy, peaceful, beautiful, successful lives.

The purpose of the people of God, from the beginning, was to be conduits of God’s blessing. Has anyone ever grabbed you to say, I need what you have! Why or why not, do you think? For sure, the blessing and presence of God manifests differently in each of us, so it’s not going to to look the same. Think of a time when someone was intensely drawn to something they saw in you. What was it?


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