Zechariah 5-6 B

I was kind of grumpy about the symbolism of Wickedness being a woman, shoved back into a basket with a heavy lid. (These visions are getting weird.) But did you notice that two flying women with large wings swooped in, and removed the sin?

It reminded me of how redemptive God is with our sinful characteristics. He can take one thing, or person, meant for evil, and turn it into good. This is a huge part of the gospel and very easily missed and ignored.

Think about something you don’t like about yourself. Maybe it’s a tendency, maybe it’s a circumstance you were born in to, or even a physical trait. How has God used it specifically for his purpose? 

I don’t particularly like my combative nature, or constant need to be right. But when I’m healthy, and submitting this tendency to the Holy Spirit, this quality develops deep convictions about God’s truth and will not be ignored. I will go toe-to-toe with someone, advocating for the gospel and the people it protects. With Christ, my volatile temperament becomes righteous anger.

Is there an area in your personality you’d like God to redeem and reconcile for good? 

Also, sometimes we don’t always like the way God wires us. Honestly, I’d rather be the quiet, well-behaved woman in the room who minds her own business. But I’m none of those things, and need to submit who I am to the Holy Spirit.



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