Nahum 3 – Habakkuk 1 B

“…But they are deeply guilty, for their own strength is their god.” 1:11

Habakkuk’s description of Babylon rising up is just devastating. 

I like this disclaimer that he writes, noting that just because God is using Babylon to discipline his people, doesn’t mean they’re innocent. (I get lost in the logistics of God using sinful people for his purpose, but it’s efficient, if nothing else.)

Their strength is their god. It’s good to pan out and take a look at what the godless nations in the Bible are doing and try to do the exact opposite in life. Sometimes object lessons are the most straight-forward lessons given in Scripture. Human strength, whether it’s physical, financial, social class, etc, does not last and holds no eternal value. Don’t envy it in other people, don’t rely on it if you have it and don’t tirelessly seek after it. It’s meaningless to God and he uses it to his advantage like it’s the wild card in a card game.

He is the only one who offers true strength, and it’s packaged completely differently. It’s not having the quickest tongue in an argument, it’s remaining controlled and patient. It’s not flexing the most impressive social status, it’s meekly seating yourself at the end of the table.

Whose strength are you trying to tap in to right now? 

Take a minute and revisit Bethany’s summary on these two chapters. She gives an overview of what’s going on contextually and it’s great.



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