Micah 1-2 B

Something the Old Testament is constantly teaching me is that just because something is written in the Bible, doesn’t mean God condones it, sometimes this is vague.

God is not vague about how he wants vulnerable people to be treated. (I love how Bethany drove this point home last time around.) Honestly, chapter 2 completely terrifies me. God does not mess around about integrity, wealth and our posture towards the less fortunate.

These days, widowed women and orphaned children are not as socially oppressed as they once were. There are some government programs in place, children’s homes, foster care systems, etc etc. But I was thinking today about how caring for widows, orphans and foreigners is not the government’s responsibility. If you love God and believe what he says: it is yours. 

It doesn’t matter how much financial responsibility your chosen political party decides to contribute. It doesn’t matter how many outreach programs your church has. You, personally, as a follower of Jesus, are going to be held responsible for how you treat (or mistreat) the people that God calls us to openly favor.

Isn’t that unbelievably sobering?

There is something terribly wrong with how much we listen to the lies portrayed by greedy rich people and the media. Listen to the voice of truth: God deeply loves and cares for the people that secular society tells you to be afraid of and judge. 

I’m still asking God to teach me what it looks like to apply this to my mostly-white, incredibly-privileged and often-sheltered lifestyle. But I know I can’t ride on the coattails of people who are willing to get their hands dirty, I need to put myself in positions to love on his very important people.

Take a minute and reflect on how you respond to social justice and what it looks like for you to get involved. We are all called to be involved differently, but we are all called to be involved. 



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