Psalm 104-106 B

I wish I were more like Moses:

“The people made a calf at Mount Sinai; they bowed before an image made of gold. They traded their glorious God for a statue of a grass-eating bull. They forgot God, their savior, who had done such great things in Egypt—such wonderful things in the land of Ham, such awesome deeds at the Red Sea. So he declared he would destroy them. But Moses, his chosen one, stepped between the Lord and the people. He begged him to turn from his anger and not destroy them.” 106:19-23

Even when the Israelites were terrible, he defended them. They were ungrateful, disobedient, stubborn and wow, whiny. Yet still, Moses advocated for them. He stepped in and asked God to spare the guilty. 

What’s your relationship with people who are wrong? Are you eager for them to get what they deserve, or are you eager for them to experience God’s grace and forgiveness?

Obviously, Moses is foreshadowing our Perfect Advocate. The one who stepped in between the Lord and all people. My desire to be more like Moses is really a desire to be more like Jesus.

Take a moment and think of someone you could be advocating for and ask God for more opportunities to do so.



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