Psalm 62-64 B

I have a significantly large chip on my shoulder. Well, I use to. It’s softened over the years; God’s taught me and changed me a little. Thankfully.

I use to cringe when women were referred to as Man’s Helpers. An afterthought to creation. (Even after animals! Like, wart hogs, or those fish with their intestines on the outside or centipedes or grubs. Come on.) I won’t dive into my personal apologetics on that, but I will say, it was immensely frustrating. Podcasts, teachings and sermons on the subject only seemed to make it worse. (Often privileged males were breaking it down in the pulpit for us women, and not with much humility, might I add.) (See, the chip! It comes back with lightning speed.) I once threw a devotional book across the room after reading a chapter on Women’s Role In the Home (okay that was last week, but SERIOUSLY THIS BOOK you wouldn’t believe the tone).

Enter: Scripture. It has all the answers, even if it doesn’t give you all the answers. You know? For example, this psalm from today:

“Because you are my helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings. I cling to you; your strong right hand holds me securely.” 63:7-8

This isn’t the first time, or the last, that God is referred to as the Helper. In the New Testament, Jesus will comfort his disciples over his absence with the promise of the Holy Spirit, the Helper, being sent to them soon. But there’s something about this description and it’s placement here, that I just really love. It’s nestled between the author proclaiming all meaning and worth can only be found in God (63:1-5), and a chapter that describes him swooping in to rescue like a superhero (64:7-10).

How can I be insulted being compared to this characteristic of the Lord?!

God is slowly helping me lower my guard and trust in his design and my identity in it. He’s also giving me an abundant amount of grace along the way.

What characteristic of God in the psalms grabbed you in today’s chapters? 



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