Psalm 41-43 B

“How blessed is he who considers the helpless. The LORD will deliver him in the day of trouble.” (41:1)

If you’re looking for the protection of the LORD, His blessing, His healing… become a consider-er of the helpless. We like to say that God doesn’t have favorites, but evidence shows, He holds some form of favoritism for those who have eyes for other people.

I was listening to an interview between Sam Jones and Dax Shepard, and Dax takes notice of how his wife’s generosity always seems to make its way back to her. Whereas, he was more prone to self-preserve, he was moved toward her way of living because of the fruit he saw in it.

We can get caught up in a panic when our eyes are focused on ourselves and our own woes. Most anyone will tell you, the best way to get out of an anxious cycle, is to do something for someone else. Taking your eyes off yourself is life-giving.

What’s something you can do for another person today?



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