Joshua 13-14 B

“Nevertheless my brethren who went up with me made the heart of the people melt with fear; but I followed the LORD my God fully.” (‭‭14:8‬)

Caleb gets his pick of the land because he was one of the only two (Joshua being the other) spies who thought they could take the land forty years earlier. Everyone else had caved to fear.

It’s not difficult to image news being relayed in a way which invokes fear. There is hypothetical doom looming around every corner nowadays. For Israel, it was actual giants which brought this fear. An admittedly intimidating foe, however, was never supposed to hinder the fresh-off-the-Exodus people of Israel. Caleb is honored because of his heart to obey the LORD, even when others were afraid.

I imagine much of human history has felt like the end of the world. The more I learn Middle Eastern history, the more I’m sure people were counting up the fulfilling prophecies and counting down the dreadful days–on a regular basis.

The LORD has somehow kept the world spinning until now. We must trust He will continue to hold off an apocalypse as long as He wants.

As I remain in touch with friends from the refugee camp, my heart aches to hear the injustices they still face (2 years later) and the remaining illusively of stability. It’s exhausting, and can be hard even to stay encouraging. I always come back to counting the blessings and benchmarks which have been met along the way. Until now we can see His hand. He is with us. We cannot despair as long as we know He’s with us.

The second principle I gleaned from these chapters is allotment. Joshua divvied up the land. I can imagine many people side eyeing other tribes, perhaps envying a meadow or a water source.

It’s always good to remember the LORD gives us different allotments and that’s fine. We must be faithful and thankful for what we receive and we can’t judge our lives by what we see others having.

Sometimes I wonder how my life ended up so differently from my sister’s, but I also am happy for their allotments and grateful for my own. Our Creator is wonderfully sovereign about all of it.

What about you? What’s a situation you can decide to not be afraid about? How are you doing with envy? Talk to the LORD about it today and don’t be afraid to be honest! He can fully address the questions we fully ask.


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