Joshua 11-12 B

I don’t know if it’s because of the recent political climate or my age, but I’ve been tuning in to current events more attentively. Today’s chapters are such a reminder of how much we can rely on God’s power, and how little we can rely on man’s. The nations who conceded to God’s sovereignty and power escaped being destroyed, but the others went down in flames. Quite literally.

“So Joshua took control of the entire land, just as the Lord had instructed Moses. He gave it to the people of Israel as their special possession, dividing the land among the tribes. So the land finally had rest from war.” 11:23

I like that, the idea of the land resting from war. Even the earth tires of our endless bloodshed and strife.

What is it like for you to engage with this text? What verse leaped off the page for you?




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