Deuteronomy 27-28 B

These chapters are intense, especially 28. Upon these promises of blessing and cursing lies the rest of the Hebrew Bible. Their history–all successes and failures–are measured by these passages.

They have a clean slate ahead of them, what will they do? It feels timely to read this on New Years Eve, as we look back on the faithfulness of God and look ahead for what might be in store.

2018 was full of many ups and downs for a lot of people. Each year can be described that way. We have personal accountability to how we spend our time and how obedient we are to the LORD. There’s also a communal accountability to how we will care for one another. Will we be men and women of our word? Will we live out of generous hearts? Will we let fear lead us into self preservation? Will we extend the grace we all so desperately need?

Some actions have natural physical consequences and other have spiritual and emotional consequences. Do we live in a way which recognizes the designs of the LORD?

Meditate on these blessings and curses. Not everything is directly applicable, but much of the heart behind them are.

The alter of stones reminds me of the post I made about Babel, how God likes alters made out of His creations, not bricks forged by our own sweaty substitutions.

Identify what gifts the LORD blessed you with this year and image how they can be arranged, moving forward, in worshipful remembrance.


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