Deuteronomy 13-14 B

There’s a lot of eyebrow-raising content here, and I like what Bethany wrote about it.

You can’t get far in the Bible without reading about God raising up someone who society normally pushes down. There are a lot of dietary restrictions required of the Israelites to remain holy. Chapter 14 goes on and on….don’t eat this, don’t touch that, don’t cook this like that, do this. In most societies at this time, women prepared and cooked all the food. Which means God made women a major part of keeping people holy. 

This also reminded me that normal work I do within my day are acts of worship. Preparing meals should require thought, intention, sacrifice and time.

The Bible is a timeless guide on how to be in a relationship with God. I’m reminded today that he has designated important work into my hands! What my family eats is important. Our bodies are incredible, and designed to be fueled with clean foods. Am I less holy because earlier I passed a fast food bean burrito back to my son for dinner? I hope not. But I am thankful for the nudge these chapters gave me today. Food is important to God and plays a really big part in life. What we eat and how we eat it matters!

If God has given you the resources to eat abundantly, how are you stewarding that gift?




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