John 19-20 B

I love the intimate details we get from the book of John. Jesus handing off his mother to be cared of by John hours before he dies? I could weep. Joseph isn’t mentioned, and considering the age difference between Mary and him, it’s safe to assume he has already passed away. Since Mary is most likely widowed and about to lose her oldest son, she is culturally doomed. Jesus works towards the big picture (redeeming humanity) while also deeply caring about redeeming his mother. This is our God: he sees and cares about the big and small things. You can count on him for this. He cares about the outcome of your soul, but he also cares about the job interview you’re nervous about.

I noticed that Jesus repeatedly greeted the disciples with “peace be with you!”. They were the first words out of his mouth when he magically appeared among them.

I looked up “peace be with you”, or shalom, and it’s described as complete well-being. Wholeness.

Take a minute and reflect on this: Jesus defeated sin, sorrow, suffering and death, and came back for us. He doesn’t come back, finger-pointing and shaming. He comes back to his people and proclaims ”peace be with you”. He comes back and extends wholeness to their brokenness. 

Are you taking him up on this offer?




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