John 5-6 B

Not to imply that we ever “do a passage justice” on this blog, but with the size of John’s chapters and the sheer volume of dialogue they cover, this feels especially impossible. Where to begin?

Truly, this calls for some interaction from our readers. Maybe I make one observation, and Carly makes these, but what about you? Which of these dozen passages spoke to your heart today?

I want to talk about this alarming claim Jesus makes in 6:55, “My flesh is true food, and My blood is true drink.”

As crazy as it may sound, this statement doubles as an anchor for one of the church’s two main sacraments: communion. Why on earth are we supposed to eat Jesus?!

Don’t expect me to give you the definitive correct answer on this, because it’s way too beautifully, if not disturbingly, complex. All I know is that the more I feast on Jesus–every last attribute I discover him to be–the more satisfied I am.

The way in which He embodies the fullness of God. How He never shuts up about the poor. The fact He never seems to get stressed or provoked. His compassion. His boldness to speak with authority. He’s a real straight shooter, but also gentle. He showcases truth.

Life is full of allures which seem to promise fulfillment, but only beautiful gifts from God deliver on that promise. Jesus is the ultimate gift from God. Enjoy.


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