Daniel 11-12 B

“But the people who know their God will be strong and resist him.” 11:32B 

The him is described earlier in chapter 11 as a despicable man, marked by his manipulative behavior and ability to take down Covenant People.

What does it look like to know God? I like how the Bible Project described the book of Daniel as hope that motivates faithfulness. A relationship with God is this complicated push and pull of having faith in who God says he is, and him cultivating the strength we need, when we need it.

I LOVE the idea of God’s people starting a resistance against this evil ruler.

How do you actively resist the influence of Satan? (Reading that sentence is weird and feels a little intense to name drop Satan.) But slowly but surely, he is trying to wear us, especially when we are starting to grow. Does he win you over with flattery, riches and smooth speech? Does he use fear to push you away from God?

I want to be categorized as someone who counts on God to be strong and resists faulty rulers. 

I was thankful for the history Bethany gave last time and the context it provided.

Tomorrow, we start the book of John! Praise God.



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