Genesis 45-46 B

“God has sent me ahead of you to keep you and your families alive and to preserve many survivors.” 45:7

Joseph has such beautiful, gospel-perspective on this situation! (Before the gospel even played out!)

My sister started a children’s home in Kenya about 15 years ago. I remember when it was just a concept, no land had been purchased and no official name had been registered. In the last year, the finishing touches were put on a second home, waiting to be filled with ten more formally-orphaned kids.

Here is what absolutely tears my heart into two pieces: the ten kids who live there now weren’t even born yet when Visible Grace was started. God already had a plan in motion to give them hope and rescue them. 

When have you seen God go before you and prepare a rescue plan? Stop and thank him now for the ways he enters in to our situations before we get there.


Happy Thanksgiving!





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