Genesis 37-38 B

Who did you relate to the most out of today’s text? Here’s who caught my attention:

Joseph. Well-meaning, but prideful. He either isn’t aware of how he’s coming across, or he’s shamelessly flaunting the favor he receives. He was born into this position of privilege, but does that mean he gets to brag about it? It does not. What a reminder to be a good steward of whatever position God gives you.

Reuben. Great intentions, no follow-through. I wonder how many sleepless nights he laid awake regretting not stepping in quicker to rescue his brother. Don’t make a plan to come back and do the right thing later, just intervene before it’s too late.

Onan. Excuse the crass example, but I find it relatable. There is a lot of temptation in avoiding God-given responsibility and just participating in the things that are fun for us.

Murder, sex and incest. God’s story is messy, can you believe Jesus directly comes from these people, let alone for these people? Don’t let shame say you are too far out of God’s reach. Shame is a liar. What is intended for evil, God uses for good.




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