Genesis 31-32 B

Today’s chapters show us how Jacob had to face the men he had run away from. First, Laban, his uncle, who had turned out to be a rascal, and felt like Jacob was stealing from him. Second, Esau his brother, whom Jacob really had stole from.

We see that God graciously protects Jacob in both circumstances (sorry to spoil tomorrow’s reading) and shows him favor at the hand of his family, even though it’s undeserved.

These stories of Jacob always remind me that God doesn’t go around choosing the best of the best and blessing good people. He is familiar with our faults and often blesses us anyway, because He is gracious and faithful. It’s His choice.

To me, this is another reason the Fear of the Lord is wisdom. We can live our lives to honor Him because He is under no obligation to care for us.

Side note: Jacob must have been Herculean to not only move the stone which opened the well (29:10), but now also be some sort of contender in a wrestling match with God (32:24-32). That story will forever baffle me.


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