Genesis 29-30 B

So Jacob worked seven years to pay for Rachel. But his love for her was so strong that it seemed to him but a few days.” 29:30

I’m torn about this sentence. On one hand, it’s deeply romantic and dreamy. Every woman wants a man to fight for her, doing whatever it takes for him to be with her. But we’re not told how Rachel felt about Jacob. It’s possible she quite disliked him, but had no say in the matter as she was used as currency in this exchange.

Chapter 30 is an exhausting tug of war of who’s fertile and who’s not. Jacob hustles back and forth between his wives and their servants as they scramble to earn their husband’s affection through their childbearing.

There was so much shame attached to women without children (especially sons), and I love reading that God was understanding of that, and what he did with this family line. Marriage and having kids is so much different for these people than it is for American culture. They don’t choose who they marry, and their lives hinge on their fertility. (Bethany wrote about the significance of all these children in her post last time around. It’s so good! God is the best story-writer.)

When has God tenderly taken care of you when you were hurt and unloved?



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