Genesis 25-26 B

Revisit 26:12-22. Poor guy! He’s just minding his own business, trying to keep his head down and he’s getting driven out of town, one well at a time.

Have you ever responded like the Philistines did about the water, jealous over the blatant favor of God someone else receives?

Or maybe you’re like Isaac, trying to sort out what it looks like to be a good steward of the wealth God has gifted you.

We can plainly see that the Lord is with you. (26:28) The Philistines are catching on that the recipients of God’s promises and those who associate with him freely receive his blessings.

In Genesis, God is still regularly spelling himself out for his people, and as someone reading this hundreds of years later, it can be harder to relate.

But I hope that no matter my circumstances or wealth, people can plainly see that God is with me.

Bethany’s reflection on chapter 25 was so great; I had nothing to add. But now hungry for soup and crusty bread.


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