Genesis 23-24 B

I appreciate Abraham’s rapport with his neighbors in 23. I think it’s lovely. Here, he’s chummy with Hittites, where as in 14 he was allies with Amorites. These two people groups become enemies of Israel later and it’s a bummer. Although we know, not all–there are always exceptions–since one of David’s mighty men was a Hittite: Uriah.

I love the story of Rebecca in 24. So much hospitality, rejoicing and celebration over immediate answers to prayer. Then it’s super cute (in my mind) how Isaac and Rebecca spot each other from afar and fall in love.

It says Isaac was on his way back from Beer-lahai-roi, which is Hager’s “the living one who sees me” well. This story is one beautiful example after another of the LORD being very involved in this family’s life. He sees them, He hears them, He answers their prayers. Celebrations ensue.

I want to celebrate things more. Let’s throw more parties when we meet new people and see prayers answered. Life is short, often dark and sad, so we should make the most of every opportunity to rejoice.

Who is a new friend you can celebrate? What prayers have you seen answer lately?


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