Genesis 21-22 B

I can almost hear Isaac’s nervous tone of voice as he breaks the pregnant silence on the long walk:

“Isaac turned to Abraham and said, ‘Father?’

‘Yes, my son?’ Abraham replied.

‘We have the fire and the wood’, the boy said, ‘but where is the sheep for the burnt offering?’

And I can practically feel Abraham’s heart drop as his son starts to catch on to what’s happening. I love his response to Isaac:

” ‘God will provide a sheep for the burnt offering, my son,’ Abraham answered. ” 22:8

I’m convinced he believes this as he reassures his son. Yet still, he bounds his boy’s limbs with rope and places him on the altar.

Are you able to give up the thing, no matter how difficult, God asks of you?

Abraham knows God’s character. He trusts him and even in the midst of a seemingly barbaric, evil request, he obeys. Because God is always the same, even when the circumstances don’t seem to be.

How do you respond in obedience to tests of faith?

Do you trust in God’s sovereignty and unconditional love even in the face of doubt?

Why or why not?


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