Genesis 17-18 B

“Sarah was afraid, so she denied it, saying, ‘I didn’t laugh.’ But the Lord said, ‘No, you did laugh.’ ” 18:5

There are so many relatable moments in this story, but this one really jumped out to me. Often times I catch myself scoffing at what God says he can do with his people. Can he really break that deep-rooted addiction? Save that marriage? That person is going to do WHAT?

Sarah being pregnant at an old age is the beginning over a very long list of examples of God doing the unexpected with the unqualified.

Has God revealed something to you that you disbelieve?

Isn’t her response so relatable? “No, I didn’t laugh!” How do you respond when you are directly called out?

Is anything too hard for the Lord? No! I hear myself answer immediately. But then I feel like it’s unlikely he’ll heal my friend whose life is dictated by her mental illness. Or that the details won’t come together on a crisis someone’s in.

What does it look like to believe that God can do anything?


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