Genesis 5-6 B

I liked Bethany’s encouragement yesterday to engage with the text during our time in Genesis.

Whats up with the gods and demigods? I don’t think I’ve ever bothered to ask that, and I was thankful for Bethany’s perspective on it. The Nephilites reappear later in the Old Testament a couple times and then Joshua and his guys officially take them down in Joshua 11:21-22.

I love how the Scripture unfolds here, in chapter 6. It’s like God is finding out alongside us, as readers, that mankind turns away from him and sin clobbers our desires and intentions. Something he must’ve known all along, but gave us a chance anyway. He’s sorry that he created mankind, he finds it a mistake. He’s heartbroken over it. This sets the tone for God’s relationship with us. His intentions are genuine; he desires a relationship with his people and anticipated them bringing joy and purpose to creation. 

The Snake wants you to believe that God’s intentions are bad. He’ll cross his arms, eyebrows high, “See? he doesn’t love you, he’s keeping things from you.” He lies, again and again. “Did God really say _____?” (3:1) The truth gets foggy real quickly.

Anchor yourself in the Word of God and listen to the voice of truth. 

The deeper we get into Genesis, the more questions it creates for me on God’s character and intentions (also raises a lot of questions about WHAT IS WRONG WITH HUMANS, MY GOODNESS). But I promise, reading the Bible and having a problem with it is infinitely more beneficial to your relationship with God than having a problem with it and closing it up, avoiding the gray areas and the hard stories.

What’s something you noticed in today’s text? We love hearing from you!



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