Genesis 1-2 B

I love this scandalous, complicated and captivating book so much. I learned a lot from Bethany’s overview last time, and don’t worry, she’ll keep the nuggets of Bible history coming as we go through this book.

I’m always surprised to read that we were created with limitations, they aren’t a result of sin. He limits where the oceans and land can be, and where plants can grow . He limits all the animals and creatures; placing mankind in authority over them. And he structures Adam’s existence right away, tasking him with work and prohibiting him from eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (2:15-15)

Before I started reading the Bible for myself, I thought work and rules were a punishment, given out of anger from God after Adam and Eve sinned. I imagined heaven was free from things like rules, restrictions and responsibilities! I struggle daily to reveal the freedom in the restrictions he’s given us, but have grown to trust them.

How do you find yourself struggling with God’s design?

Where do you find freedom in his design? 




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