2 Kings 25 B

Jerusalem comes to a gnarly end.

“They slaughtered the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes, and put out the eyes of Zedekiah and bound him in chains and took him to Babylon.” (7)

Can you imagine!? The last thing he ever sees is his sons being slaughtered. I don’t even want to know why that graphic word was used over just… killed.

I suppose he had it coming. He rebelled against the LORD and also the king of Babylon. I mean, how did he think things were going to go for him after that? Pride is a dangerous drug. We think we can elevate ourselves and “do what we want” without experiencing consequences, and we’re never correct.

This is the tragic end to Jerusalem and the Jews and God’s people. It is 100% OVER!



Shouldn’t it have been? YES! Plenty of ancient peoples never made a come back after the Babylonian captivity. But God has brought the Jews back from horrible circumstances over and over and over again!

HE is faithful to them. He uses them even in captivity. In fact, they actually, finally, unintentionally bless other nations during this little 70 year time out! It’s amazing!

He always fulfills His promises, in spite of us. It may take longer, and look totally different, than we anticipated, but He does it.

Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophesies and still managed to be a surprise. Let us look expectantly toward the promises of God and thank Him for the ones He has fulfilled.

Tomorrow, we will get into some letters of Paul, starting in Galatians. God’s love is relentless. He worked miracles through His stubborn people and they, like Paul, have blessed us.


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