2 Kings 19-20 B

“I know when you sit down, when you come and when you go; And, yes, I’ve marked every one of your temper tantrums against me.” 19:20

I’m always quick to assume that God isn’t noticing when people blatantly disobey him. Just because he doesn’t respond in the (quick-tempered and angry) way or timeline I would, doesn’t mean he’s missing it. He knows when we plop down on the couch, walk out the door and when we come home. Think about all the other things he knows…

But also, be careful not to fall into legalism when you read something like this. God isn’t Santa Claus, keeping score of our good and bad behavior and rewarding us based on performance (thankfully).

Here, he’s emphasizing to the king of Assyria that his disobedience isn’t going unnoticed; he’s not getting away with anything, his punishment is coming. But it’s a good reminder to me of God’s justice and his sovereignty. 

Take heart, he will one day right every wrong (1 Peter 2:18).




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