2 Kings 11-12 B

 “So King Joash called for Jehoiada and the other priests and asked them, ‘Why haven’t you repaired the Temple? Don’t use any more money for your own needs. From now on, it must all be spent on Temple repairs.’ So the priests agreed not to accept any more money from the people, and they also agreed to let others take responsibility for repairing the Temple.” 12:7-8

This resonated with me for some reason. Maybe because I often agree to do things I’m not entirely capable of doing or will most likely not follow-through with. It’s possible I get this – my addiction to saying yes- from my dad. Unfortunately, I do not model his relentless willingness to complete anything he starts with perfection.

Which end of the spectrum are you on? Do you agree to things, knowing it will slip through the cracks or that you might not give it the attention it deserves? This drives my husband (and my sister, and most type A people in my life subjected to my flightiness) absolutely nuts.

The priests let 23 years go by without repairing the Temple. My commentary notes that care for God’s house was often seen as a significant sign of recommitment to the Lord. The author doesn’t get specific about why the priests never tended to the repairs, but it does say that they delegated the task to someone who will. It gets done, and it gets done by good and honest men who work hard.

How do you respond to responsibility appointed to you? I can’t get away from the constant reminder in the Bible that hard work is holy and can be a way to worship God. 



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