1 Kings 1-2 B

Here’s the overview for the book of Kings, which is a continuation of where we left off in 2 Samuel. Bethany gives some great historical context for these chapters on our last read through. You can revisit it here.

I’m always sad to read about the end of David’s life, he’s one of my favorites! It’s the end of an era! He doles out some good advice by urging Solomon to, above all else, follow God’s commandments. (2:1-4) (And also hires a professional snuggler which I think is weird, and also even more weird that this is recorded as holy information.)

I’m uncomfortable with the tasks he hands off to his son from his deathbed. “Arrange a bloody death” and “don’t let him go in the grave in peace”!? Granted, the men he’s talking about definitely deserve to be avenged (you can revisit their stories in 2 Samuel 2, start there). It had me thinking about what sort of big, end-of-life statement I would make.

Take a minute and sort out your thoughts. What tangible advice would you give? Is there dirty work you would hand off to someone? Burned bridges? A bitter-soaked grudge?

With Ecclesiastes fresh in my mind, I can’t help but stay on guard that this life is fleeting and we are never promised one more day. I want to leave this world well. I want to inspire, encourage and warn while I still can. And I want to forgive freely. 

Jesus was advocating for his persecutors as they were torturing him. He was dying a slow, painful death when he vouched for us. “Forgive them!” he begged, as they laughed and mocked from the base of the cross where his body hung. We are not entitled to grudges, broken relationship or revenge.

Who do you need to forgive? What do you need to repair?



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