Romans 5 B

Here’s an overview of the next chunk of Romans.

“So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God.” 5:11

Stop a minute and reflect on the concept of being a friend of God. This has always floored me, when I hear it in worship songs or when I read it in Scripture.

I think I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable with this concept. Friends with God? It seems casual and threatens to diminish God’s place as he reigns over and upholds my soul. But maybe I’m discrediting what it means to be a friend.

Jesus as a friend was (obviously) perfectly holy. He celebrated with his people. He laughed, told stories. Drank good wine and went to weddings and dinner parties. He mourned with them and over them. He welcomed their kids, their families. He advocated for them.

I hope I’m a friend like that to Jesus. He doesn’t need my friendship, but desires it. He desires us to love his people, seek out time with him, grieve the things he grieves, fight for what he fights for.

Evaluate your friendship with God. How could you cultivate a more authentic relationship with him?


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