Acts 27-28 B

Love Carly’s closing thoughts on Acts from last time.

It’s an epic close to a story that has just begun. These chapters are written in first person, meaning the author, Luke, was there experiencing everything firsthand. The details remind me of how most of my adventure-loving guy friends would recount such a treacherous tale.

It also makes me think about all the other details Luke was intentional to include throughout his book Luke-Acts. It was his assignment to make an account of what had happened, how this “sect” of “The Way” had begun. Was it something totally new? No, it was repeated, over and over, to be a fruition of the Jewish religion.

As I believe I mentioned in a previous post, starting a new religion was a major no no during that time, for it was a disruption of Pax Romana (Roman Peace). Luke brings great detail and repetition to the fact that this started back with Moses. The gospel, as it starts in Genesis, is repeated numerous times in Acts, starting in Genesis.

Sometimes Christianity is still perceived as new, since it birthed the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches, which certainly are “new”. Make sure to never throw out the Old Testament like some washed up thing. It’s the undivorcable beginning to our story.

Now, tomorrow we will start Romans, since that’s where we just left Paul. And I just so happened to be there today (retrieving a lost bag, nothing amazing).

Ci vediamo domani!


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