Acts 25-26 B

Once again, Paul shares the story of how God harshly saved him from religion and rescued him to an intimate understanding of the gospel. (26:4-23)

Paul’s testimony reminds the church-going and the well-decorated Christian that you can saturate your entire life with religion and be vastly distant from being like Jesus. I love how honest he is about this.

What’s your story with God?

I’ve realized if it’s not a prominent memory to you, it might not have happened yet. The first time someone asked me to share “my testimony” (popular conversation topic in church culture), I rambled a long list of religious credentials. Uh, I went to private school? Uh, I frequented Christian summer camp? They rephrased the question. When did God get a hold of your heart?

I didn’t know because it hadn’t happened yet.

Paul shares his story any time he faces a crowd. Why? Because it radiates the gospel. He was a slave to religion, earning his place in a works-oriented world. God radically changed his heart and he is relentless to get the Good News to everyone he can.

The best way to tell people about how real Jesus is, is to tell them how real he’s been to you. I can’t prove if the Bible is real, or if God exists or whether or not Jesus is the resurrected Messiah. All I know is I once was blind, but now I see. No one can take that away from me or tell me it’s not true.

Take a minute and reflect on where God’s grace has shown up in your life.


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