Acts 23-24 B

Paul has nothing to lose, and he’s in no rush. He went to Jerusalem prepared to die, so he takes advantage of every opportunity to explain the gospel and assert his innocence. I can’t believe he spent two years just hanging out with Felix and his wife. Imprisoned, but pals with the governor. What a strange arrangement.

God makes the most of our circumstances. Sometimes He places us in unconventional situations to give us the audience He’s purposed to speak through us to. Know, for certain, that no one is mistakenly in your life and that platform is uniquely yours.

I have found that God is able to best use me when I, like Paul, am not married to an agenda, when my schedule is flexible for people, and when I don’t have much to lose.

Be mindful, as you go about your day, to notice the people who regularly cross your path. Make the most of opportunities to speak life and truth to people. We’re all hungry for it!


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