Acts 5-6 B

Welp, the honeymoon’s over. After a zealous beginning, full of new believers who were eager about and obedient to God’s message, sin starts moving in (6:1-7). These chapter’s reminded me of a few things:

1. Being a part of a healthy community means addressing conflict. Managing people will always be a part of the church.There’s no getting around it. Discontentment can and WILL grow. Freely communicate and approach it with grace!

2. We all serve the Lord and his church best when we do it within our God-given gifting. The apostles felt bogged down by the logistics of managing the church, so they delegated it to people who would do it well and it thrived. How are you serving your family and your church right now? We’re not all in our dream role all the time, but I’ve learned there’s always an opportunity available. Not sure what you’re gifting is? Ask God! He knows. He has specifically designed you to excel at something that will bring him glory and leave you feeling fulfilled.

3. God’s people will still sin. Even when the number of new believers is growing and lives are being changed, we are still broken people learning how to live like Jesus did. Sometimes we get greedy. Sometimes we lie about money. Sometimes we get discontent and whine. Sometimes we get jealous and tear down whoever we’re envying. Pray against the sin you see show up in your community. Anticipate it and address it head on!

Church is hard. Every person reading this could offer up an example, or two, of when God’s people failed them or what they don’t like about The Church. It’s flawed, and as we read today, it has been since the beginning. There is no such thing as a perfect church, but we can seek to be a part of a healthy one.

What did God reveal to you about his church in these chapters?




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