Acts 1-2 B

Here’s the overview of Acts from The Bible Project.

I absolutely love 2:42-47. I caught myself exhaling in relief after reading it this morning. Have you ever been part of a body of believers like that? Where you’re all united in Christ, eager to study the Scripture and ready to pound the pavement to share his gospel? If you have, you know how exciting this feeling is. You share meals, resources, stories and belongings. I have had the extreme privilege of experiencing this several times in my life. Whether it was on staff at a summer camp or in the beginnings of a church plant (or two. Oy vey.), we had glad and generous hearts and our time together was so alive. Everything centered around God and our zeal for our relationship with him.

But don’t miss this part: ”And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.” 2:47b

Their group was growing. They fellowshipped with people who didn’t believe in this risen Jesus, the son of God, who then became people who did believe.

It’s good and beautiful to share community with people who are like-minded and share our same heartbeat for God, and line up with our same theology. But Jesus’ gospel is meant to be shared. Let’s not forget to leave room at the table for those who don’t know his story. In fact, let’s intentionally plan around that.

If you belong to a body of believers or attend church, take a minute and reflect on it. Does it remind you of the pace of life the early believers set? Why or why not?





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