Isaiah 31-32 B

“Though you are such wicked rebels, my people, come and return to the Lord.” 31:6

I love this verse that follows after an entire paragraph of God’s loyalty and love for Jerusalem being compared to a wild lion, protecting its prey. We are so undeserving of God’s relentless love, but come, and return to the Lord.

Wicked rebels. If you aren’t familiar with Israel’s story and relationship with God, those words can sting. It’s easy to cherry-pick verses from the Old Testament and misunderstand God’s character. But in context, wow. I can’t believe he is still extending a loving and forgiving hand to these people. And to me. He is a good, good father. Come, and let’s return to the Lord, O, you with rebellious hearts.

Yesterday was the most patriotic day of the year for Americans and I tried to pause and reflect on my feelings towards the country right now. It’s hard to find a balance on being grateful for what we have here, despite it’s problems, and yet not placing my identity in being an American. Bethany put words to these thoughts in a fantastic post you can read here.


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