Isaiah 21-22 B

“Behold, the LORD is about to hurl you headlong, O man. And He is about to grasp you firmly And roll you tightly like a ball, To be cast into a vast country; There you will die And there your splendid chariots will be, You shame of your master’s house.” (22:17-18‬)

This kind of made me laugh. In the middle of all this pride and overt disregard for the LORD, He paints this visual to remind Israel just how small they are.

Which reminds me of how small I am/we are. Something I constantly having to remind myself of, these days, is to stop taking myself so seriously.

I am human, often wrong and short sighted. I get my rage up and tear others down. It’s easy to slip into that “let’s eat and drink for tomorrow we die!” mob mentality and it’s ridiculous.

It could be time for a little, “snap out of it! I’m about to crumple you up like a rough draft and Michael Jordan you into a waste basket!”

What areas of your life need humility? How can you move in that direction today?


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