Matthew 7-8 B

I listened to a podcast recently from Erwin McManus where he mentioned Jesus calming the storm. (8:23-27)

He pointed out that most of the men on the boat that day were fishermen. They probably knew what it was like to be in a storm, and how to respond. Yet still we read about them panicking when the waves start crashing down and instantly question Jesus’ care for them.

Storms still show up, even when you’re on the boat with Jesus.

Today’s chapters give us a lot to think about.

Have you counted the cost of following Jesus?

Do you instantly question him when life brings the wind and waves?

Do you feel like Jesus is asleep when you need him the most?

I’ve been dwelling on that last question today. When do I accuse Jesus of failing me?

Whenever I feel afraid and my lack of faith takes over, I’m likely to be the disciple screaming “WE’RE GOING TO DROWN”.

This God we follow, who rebukes the wind and waves, who terrifies the demons and heals the sick with only his voice, he is with us. He’s on the boat too. And better yet, he hosts our souls and breathes his Spirit into us!

What is keeping you from following him whole-heartedly?


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