2 Samuel 15-16 B

Things are catching up with David in the worst way. I admire how he humbly accepts the curses hurled his way; the man knows when he’s in the wrong!

There is nothing new under the sun; politics have ALWAYS been schmoozy, deceptive and personal. Nothing proves this more than the story of Absalom slinking his way into the throne as a direct result of manipulative charm. What sways you to listen to someone?

The book of Proverbs repeatedly cautions us against falling for smooth speech and good looks.

What are the marks of a truly good leader? Here are a few of my rules:

1. Their reputation proceeds them. Anyone can boast about themselves and claim integrity. Find out from those who have known them a long time what they’ve been like in the good and the bad times. (I essentially hinged my marriage on this!)

2. They are marked by humility. Are they prideful? Buckle up. You are in for a long and bumpy ride as they struggle against the Lord. God opposes the proud.

3. They are authentic and approachable. The over-the-top-charm thing and his five pound pony tails should be a red flag. Why? When someone is leaning into their appearance and personality instead of their morals to get ahead; bad things happen.

What kind of leader are you?


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