2 Samuel 11-12 B

Here’s Bethany’s post on these chapters from a couple years ago. If you’re new to this story, start there. (Isn’t she such a fantastic writer? I’m humbled to collaborate with her!)

Sin is so ugly. If this was the only story we had in the Bible that demonstrated the impact of (sexual) sin, it would be PLENTY.

Lust. Greed. Adultery. Lying. Murder. Deceit. A child’s death. UGH. These poor people! Come on!

Satan is a liar. You can not cover up your sin. Your mistake impacts more than just you. You will not get away with it. If you are in relationship with God and massively fail him, confess. The truth will set you free!

Don’t lie, hide and try to save yourself. More people will get hurt. More distance will grow between you and the Lord. And ugh, that shame? That stomachache you can’t shake? It will eventually fade. Not because what you did has gotten any better, but because your heart is growing calloused.

We belong to a gracious Father. Full of mercy, abounding in love, quick to forgive, slow to anger and relentlessly gracious. Confess your sin, tell the truth, repent! Do not let it get any worse.

Is there something you to confess? Something broken that you need to hand over before it gets any worse?

Listen to the Voice of Truth.


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